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Westminster Shorter Catechism Project

The Presbyterian Standards

Francis R. Beattie

Table of Contents.

Chapter Title WSC WLC WCF
F. R. Beattie: Biographical Sketch by Morton H. Smith
I. A Brief Description of the Great Christian Creeds
II. The Nature and Uses of Religions Creeds
III. The Doctrine of Holy Scripture 1-3 1-5 I.
IV. The Being, Attributes and Persons of the Godhead 4-6 6-11 II.
V. The Decrees, or the Eternal Purpose of God 7-8 12-14 III.
VI. Creation and Providence 9-11 15-19 IV., V.
VII. The Covenant of Works, or of Life 12-13 20-21 VI., VII.
VIII. Original Sin 14-19 22-29 VI.
IX. The Covenant of Grace 20 30-35 VII.
X. The Person of Jesus Christ the Mediator 21-22 36-42 VIII.
XI. The Offices of the Mediator: The Prophetic 23-24 41-43 VIII.
XII. The Offices of the Mediator: The Priestly and the Kingly 25-26 44-45, 55 VIII.
XIII. The Humiliation and Exaltation of Jesus Christ 27-28 46-56 VIII.
XIV. Man's Free Agency and Ability; Guilt and its Degrees 82-84 149-152 IX.
XV. Union with Christ; Effectual Calling; Regeneration 29-31 57-60, 66-69 X.
XVI. The Benefits of Redemption: Justification 32-33 70-73 XI.
XVII. The Benefits of Redemption: Adoption and Sanctification 34-36 74-75, 77-81 XII., XIII.
XVIII. Faith and Repentance 85-87 72-76, 153 XIV., XV.
XIX. Good Works; Perseverance; Assurance 36 78-81 XVI., XVIII.
XX. The Law of God; Christian Liberty 39-42; 82-83 91-98 XIX., XX.
XXI. The Communion of Saints, and Religious Worship --- 68, 82-83, 86 XXI., XXVI.
XXII. The Means of Grace: The Word 88-90 98-99, 153-160 XIX.
XXIII. The Means of Grace: The Commandments: The First Table 43-62 101-121 ---
XXIV. The Means of Grace: The Commandments: The Second Table 63-81 122-148 ---
XXV. The Means of Grace: The Sacraments: General 91-93 161-164 XXVII.
XXVI. The Means of Grace: The Sacraments: Baptism 94-95 165-167 XXVIII.
XXVII. The Means of Grace: The Sacraments: The Lord's Supper 96-97 168-175 XXIX.
XXVIII. The Means of Grace: Prayer 98-107 178-196 XXI.
XXIX. The Church and Her Censures --- 62-65 XXV., XXX.
XXX. The Synods and Councils of the Church --- --- XXXI.
XXXI. Lawful Oaths; The Civil Magistrate; Marriage and Divorce 70-72 137-139 XXII. -- XXIV.
XXXII. Death and the Middle State 37 84-96 XXXII.
XXXIII. The Resurrection and the Judgment 38 87-90 XXXII., XXXIII.
XXXIV. Summary and Conclusions

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